i will travel the world. i will be inspired and inspire. i will have a great education and stimulating career. i will see brilliance in action and capture it in my memory forever. i will find true love and appreciate the meaning of life. i will watch the sun rise and set beyond the horizon. i will meet the people who have something to say. i will make a difference in their lives as they will make a difference in mine. i will stand up for myself and never be defeated. i will dance in the moonlight and swim along the dolphins. i will be blessed by the grace of god and feel his warmth upon my soul. i will be captivated by earths true beauty and do my best to protect that beauty. i will fall asleep with pride and happiness. i will love my friends , family, and those who love me. i will never stop dreaming and i will pray that the same goes for you.



“The one thing I will always remember and never forget, is your face. Your face at the end of the hallway of your old apartment, as I would leave, and the elevator door would close. Your face when you turned away as you walked down the terminal. Your face on my rearview mirror..”

Wow… talk about a good cry.

Dear God,

Give me this some day.

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